Thursday, May 6, 2010

10 Reasons Why To Love Soccer ..

From time to time, I get questions from friends wondering why I love to write about soccer more than other sports. Especially those who knows me as a badminton player and not as a socceroos. Well, there is a simple reason for it, soccer is not just a game itself. It's all about passion and the deep love for the sport, no matter you are an active player or just a "cheerleader" on your couch.

We are also talking about the biggest entertainment business on earth, larger than movies or music concert every week. FIFA has much power all over the world than any NGO or International Committee of the Red Cross. Wherever we go, it seems people so easy talking about soccer, especially Sunday morning. It is undeniable that soccer is the number one sport and also the greatest show on earth as a great package, something hard to ignore.
All I want to say is there is still a lot of reason how I love soccer that it can make me easy to write another ten short explanations in ten minutes. Here are for instances:
1. Great way to meet people. It's amazing how soccer can be an opening conversation with anyone around the world. It doesn't matter what language they speak, soccer connects people from different countries, which would happen to this blog too.

2. It is a truly world sport. Soccer has been the international game, every time, everyday, and everywhere.

3. Anyone can play soccer.
You may not a Zidane, but you can be a Zidane. You just need something to kick around, but be wise to use your own head then.

4. You can play solo as well as in a team. Sometimes you don't need anyone to practice with so you can do juggling. However, Real Madrid is not only a Ronaldo, so you can practice the meaning of team work.

5. Every part of the earth can be the playground. Dribbling on the grass, sliding on the sand, or jumping on the bed, take your space and kick that ball around anywhere.

6. Equipment is affordable. All you need basically are shoes and a ball. You know what, the Brits used cans at first.
7. Best workout of long life. What I mean is not in terms of endurance and physical fitness only, it is good for your mental and social life as well. That's why we call it "to play soccer" and it's truly fun.

8. Source of national pride, if you want it. Just watch the greatest show on earth to happen in South African in this near time. Big matches, big flags, big money, big event .. you will know what I mean.

9. Soccer is not just a spectator sport. It is also fun to watch and to discuss. In girls opinion, it is a save way to amuse some good looking-sweaty men even with her man.

10. On the other hand, soccer is the best way to all man in the world to hang out in men's club or even spend the night alone with TV and beer in the cozy living room.
Now your turn. Kenapa anda demen, atau malah benci sepakbola? (hNa)


Tjamboek said...

Kaga ribet, Not complicate coment...... mayan dah ada tangan" setan gan wkwkwkkw

Anonymous said...

Nice thought, soccer is the great way to meet people who enjoy same thing. Some call it football, but whatever name is used, it refers to the same beautiful game that has become world wide famous now-a-days. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Great place to refer when talking 'bout soccer. Nice site, keep it up, dude!

Anonymous said...

Cakep ni blognya Pak Endi ,, terus cinta sepakbola yachh,.. go Arsenal !!

seder said...


Anonymous said...

just writing a soccer speech for my 6 year old son great tips. thanks heaps
PS: best part - able to meet people

Anonymous said...

asyiknya nonton bola sewaktu nonton rame2, sementara 80% penonton memihak tim lawan kita.....and in the end when our fav team won that's feels like ten spirit coming!!!!!

bomer said...

One of things that makes soccer so interesting and arguing at the same time is comparing how the greats of today to compare with all the legends. Would Messi be re-incarnated with Maradona, or does Torres be regarded as sharp as Ian Rush?


Interesting point, every dog has its day ;o)

Torres scored 24 times in his 1st season with Liverpool, and become the quickest player in club history to reach fifty goals in just two seasons. Also the first Liverpool player since 1946 to score hat-tricks in two successive games in 2008.
Obviously makes him a new legend after Ian Rush.

Anonymous said...

Yg bikin sepakbola paling menegangkan dari drama apapun adalah kemenangan di detik terakhir setelah 100 mnt. Ini sport sejati.


So we call it : 'a golden goal' ;o)

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