Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Curse Of England Goalkeepers

As we see what happened to Robert Green whose let a routine slips through his grasp for England, a 1-1 silly draw to American in Group C. He was on well-positioned as went down to stop the ball, but it slipped off his gloves rolled into the net and silenced the thousands of England fans. Is it just a ridiculous accident, or another sad list of "the curse of England goalkeepers"?

As a part of a team, obviously a goalkeeper saves a lot but sadly they would be mentioned only just one blunder. Well, here's the little story of England has a growing reputation for producing poor goalkeepers recently. No offense, lads. They only a flesh and blood as we are.

Back to the 2002 World Cup finals, David Seaman's anticipation has failed to allow a long-range free kick from Ronaldinho to float over his head. It was enough to stop England in a quarter, than Brazil go to final to face their fifth.

David "Calamity" James let a long-range drive by Austria's Andreas Ivanschitz squirms under his body for the scary equalizer in a 2-2 draw in World Cup qualifying in 2004 after his team led 2-0.

Paul Robinson lost to deal with a routine back-pass from teammate Gary Neville in Euro 2008 qualifier, but the ball to bounce over his foot straight to the net that cost 0-2 to Croatian.

Scott Carson should have dealt comfortably with Niko Kranjcar's shot at Wembley in another Euro 2008 qualifier. Again the ball bounced passing him in a 3-2 loss that virtually ended England's qualifying chances.


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