Monday, June 28, 2010

The Ghost Goal Of 2010

Germany sinks England 4-1 in one of titanic clash 2010 World Cup, especially one that will be long  remembered as an England "ghost goal" that Frank Lampard put a shot in the net late in the first half that would have tied the score. The referee Jorge Larrionda waved play on, and Germany used another two goals by Thomas Mueller for a 4-1 victory despite the game was actually being pretty tight.

Germany has to be credited for running some flawless counterattacks and clinical finishing in overall game. When given opportunities, the Germans took care to finish with better young gunners. If England was to get credit for a goal that everyone expect, the result would have been different. They were on target and could have gone 2-2 in the 38th minute after Frank Lampard's finish bouncing 18 inches beyond the goal line right after hitting the cross bar.

It was a goal reminiscent of Geoff Hurst's controversial score during England's victorious 1966 World Cup final against Germany. In extra time at Wembley 1966, England and Germany were 2-2 when Geoff Hurst's shot struck the underside of the crossbar. The ball bounced down and spun back into play, that time, the referee consulted his linesman then awarded the goal.

The term Ghost goal (or phantom goal) is widely used in soccer to describe a questionable goal, usually involving incertitude or controversy as to whether the ball has crossed the goal line. Ghost goal has been recently applied to a number of questionable goals, notably England's third goal has remained controversial ever since the World Cup final against Germany in 1966. According to the Laws of the Game, the definition of a goal is when "the whole of the ball passes over the goal line", however, a study conducted by the Engineering Department at Oxford University concluded that the ball did not cross the line entirely from being a goal. Yes, England grabbed his victory to win World Cup ever, then it becomes a kind of curse for the rest of their participation ever since. The Germany just paid for what they have deserve to get after 44 years.


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