Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vela's Offside? (or Khune Makes The Save?)

During the opening match FIFA World Cup 2010 between the hosts South Africa ties Mexico in group A, we can pick something important about "offside". The offside call in soccer is one of those things where *you know what it is when you're looking at it*. The Mexico's Carlos Vela scored from a corner kick, but the goal was disallowed because the official on the field ruled the play offside. What the hell is going on?

For Mexico's fans observers, the goal appeared to be onside, that there was a South Africa player (he was Steven Pienaar) positioned on the back post and kept Vela onside. But the relevant position was that South Africa goalkeeper Khune, not Pienaar. Khune had run off his line to intercept the corner kick, leaving Pienaar as the last defender in front of the goal. So Vela passed Khune in the middle of the box, he was offside, regardless of Pienaar's position at the post.

The FIFA rule:
*.. A player is in an offside position if he is nearer to his opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent (at the time the ball is played) ..*
Maka skenario terjadinya offside sudah jelas, *nearer to opponent's goal line than BOTH* :
- the ball.
- second last opponent.
The offside rule interprets that a player is offside if he is "nearer to his opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent which the last opponent is typically being the goalkeeper". Usually when an attacking player runs passing the "last defender", the goalkeeper remains in his box position.

Maka posisi dan status Vela telah menuhin kedua kriteria offside :
- Doi lebih dekat ke garis gawang ketimbang bola.
- Doi lebih dekat ke garis gawang ketimbang second last opponent (lantaran si kiper terlanjur ke depan).

So, there was a defender on the goal line. But the next closest player by the time the ball was played was clearly an offensive player, ya si Vela yg kena offside itulah.


Anonymous said...

nice post sir....

Anonymous said...

Vela rocketed that goal of the corner kick in the 38th minute, then lineman's flag went up...,there's no way.
The South African player in front of him, how was it off-sides!? Hate it but rules are rules. Go Mexico!!

Anonymous said...

bangke,,, ilang 50ribu gw. Terus maju Mexico!!

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