Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quarter Stage (Day Two)


Again, another two gigantic teams are representing two big continents with huge soccer tradition each and styles in match day two. They don't always play entertaining business soccer as usual but also both have massive records to win the biggest event more than once. After sailed through each group with high skills, there'll probably be the biggest quarterfinal clash of 2010 edition. They have met each other 18 times previously with La Albiceleste winning eight, losing five and drawing five, with the last duel at the quarterfinal stage in Germany 2006 when the host won 4-2 in a penalty shootout.

Only in weeks ago some people seem to question Maradonna as a right coach, but he shows his passion for the game foremost his country and it spreads in team's progress. Theatrically he hugs all his players with his two huge diamond earrings in left ear, it takes part of big dramas while Argentinians enchanted throughout its group. Getting nine points then handled Mexico and earn 100% result with the most goals scored 10 including a hattrick from Higuain who has been one of top scorer so far. On the other hand, Germany has been up and down after incredible perform in beating Australia but suffered a hiccup after losing 0-1 to Serbia. Having said that Mannschaft is always good when none thinks they will well perform, so England must be fooled by that in play-off.

The Deutsch plays some fantastic football as solid team and haven't really depended on any particular player. With senior Klose also Podolski and Schweinsteiger, they leads the young panzer but inexperienced when compared to Argentina. On paper, the most favorites are Argentina gaining legions of their style of offensive football. But anything can happen on the field based on their previous dates as well. Germany came back from a goal down to clinch victory, so Maradona's men no need further motivation to make amends for 4 years ago. The first goal could be crucial then it looks La Albiceleste will grab more than two goals afterwards.

This time for a replay of .. 1986 with adjustment 4 - 2.


Finally the last of the quarter sees another South American nation try to take on reigning European champions 2008. Paraguay clearly underdogs who have reached this level for the very first time in team history but they will be under very little pressure. So La Albirroja can muster from this experience as a huge bonus while Spain is aiming to equal their best ever finish of fourth place at a World Cup at least. Both have met just three times before with the Spanish won once and the rest ended in ties. La Furia Roja always has main problem becoming a solid team and lack of consistency in the past, also has the habit of underachieving in the big events. So it wouldn't be a huge shock if they get knocked out from this World Cup, but The Red One gets much progress after winning recent Euro cup.

Spain started the tournament slowly but has looked better after been tested by losing 1-0 to Swiss and takes recovery in all latest matches. But to be honest, with the presence of so much talent in all departments, the Spanish played worse as the same squad in two years when compared to Argentina, Holland also Germany up to now. Then they looked impressive to beat Portugal in the way back to business to stay peak at the right time. With a side which boasts some of the best players in football including Barcelona and Real Madrid boys, now they are on track as one of the favorites in the big party and have not been disappointed so far.

As one of top scorer, David Villa is on fire from the moment with four goals in three successive matches, that's a good song for Spain while his partner Fernando Torres gets stone cold after long injuries. He will once again be the troubleshooter to handle Paraguay that will look for defend in numbers and wait for counter attacks. But the likes of Xavi and Iniesta will also have to perform much better and the defenses are solid with Puyol to Casillas who have been there when being called upon for the most part. They will not repeat the mistakes they made earlier and drive the rhythm as a master at ball possession as shown 61% to 39% against Christian Ronaldo's gangs. Paraguay just conceded one goal so far but only has scored three to get the quarters after a rather dull game with Japan. They need more to create passing and shooting ability in order to show "some respects" to football. If only laid back and pray for miracles instead of trying to win something, they can't wait all night to the end of the road.

La Albirroja bulldozed with 0 - 4.


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