Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So the biggest football fiesta 2010 was over, and it actually happened, Spain is both Euro-Cup and World Cup champions. By claiming the most cherished prize in soccer two years after winning the continent championship, they may have finally quieted critics who have long said Spanish can't win the big one. A late goal 28 minutes into extra time by Iniesta allowing Spain to seal sport's most cherished prize after decades of disappointment. But the world also witnessed a sloppy match marked by referee Howard Webb being forced to issue 14 yellow cards and one red card.
I personally enjoyed the final and tournament overall, though it didn't have as many classic matches as it has hoped for. But some of tactical battles were thrilling and I was thoroughly enjoy watching Spaniard grew as a solid team. La Furia Roja came into final with an impressive resume, having won 30 of its 32 games under Del Bosque after Spain's victory in the 2008 Euro Champs. One of their lost was reeling from the sensational defeat by Switzerland in opening match. It wasn't look as a good sign but, in the positive ways it feels in a sense that, they will avenge this defeat. Some wise said, the real champion needs to take the defeat to win, and it really works well.
"They fought as pack of lions with pride, artful, and classy who really know how to finally win", said the Spanish-press as the headline. The Spaniard know well how to combine football with bull-fighting, with a great rivalry against Portugal, Germany and Dutch at last. Spain starts to make history after, unbelievably they've never won a World Cup quarter-final before, beat Paruguay then prepare for a re-run of the Euro 2008 final. I've been expecting the German team to pull a few stunts in the semis, but beyond a doubt they played a honest game and tame. The tactical battle was intriguing as Spaniard spent the first half probing the opposition's well organized defense.
Holland also showed the excellence with good records and decidability to become final. So I was expecting a two total football sides, plus Latin skill for Spain. I'd like to see Netherlands team to play as they know, but it was very sad to find they decided to show the worst way of football. Through the final battle, they showed the sample of how the less-powerful team makes the game against the best team with different characters of mentality. My condolence to them so don't blame on Holland's tough play with those yellow cards. And the Spanish wanted to play as they know even not with their jersey on.
La Roja (The Red One) were not at their best in blue, of course, but they clearly deserve to get for what they have been in the past four years. The judgment night in Soccer City, no one could deny that they were the only team worth of lifting the 2010 World Cup. There are many players from all over Spain there in the squad with the same feeling through football that it creates better relation among them.
It will surely take more than a game though, just like Iraq did it too in 2007 by winning the Asian Cup as an example of uniting a country in turmoil. In one sense these are no greater than in many other. How I love soccer and viva to the beauty of Espana. Then, until seeing you around in Brazil 2014. (*)


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