Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 2 - Fixtures and Team

With a total points of close to 100 (for temporary), it wasn't too bad for the opening week. Thanks to Chelsea with Drogba and colleague were on target against the Baggies. Though Kirkland was disappointed as I recon, he's making me look bad. Apologies for that, but at least the ligafantasi still have a bag of guts to share any information as follows.

According to the fixtures on weeks 2, Chelsea and Man-United will go to Wigan and Craven Cottage and it looks quite easy to continue they success. The Villas looks so tempt also Everton at home. Kolarov might be off for two weeks, and still avoid to get involve with Liverpool to face ManCity. So my short analysis on team so far:

Howard, or Jussi/Foster

Bale/Terry, Ivanovic/Evra, Baptiste/Carr, Elokobi.

Malouda/Nani, C. Adam/Petrov, D.Jones/Pienaar/Scholes.

Drogba, Chamakh/Carew, Kalinic.

How is everyone else shaping up for next week?
Thanks for comments.


Reptilia said...

Hi Liga Fantasi,

This is my suggestion from your pick up player above:

GK: Howard and Foster are good option because they are cheap and easy game
Defender: Bale(SK), Carr(cheap) and Ivanovic(check a status)
Mid: Malouda(must have), Petrov, Nani and petrov
Striker: Drogba(against wigan), chamakh(against blacpool) and kalinic(filler)


Thanks Reptilia, I'm still bargain between Nani and Adam. As i said at your blog, Adam is a good long term investment as play makers with a lot of assist, also cheap. Yes he will face a hard game nest, I consider to put Nasri or Rosicky then ;o)

Reptilia said...

Nasri is injured and check the rosicky's status.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for info guys, yes Nasri gets injured.

how about mine so far:
this time for Lampard I think, with assist or free kick. I'm not really confidence with the forwards.

terry / bassong / faubert
lampard / bowyer / richardson / muamba
anelka / chamakh / saha


Ups, thanks again for remind me about Nasri.
Anonymous looks have not balance on yours.

If you switch Lampard to Malouda, still have a chance to fix Muamba to Albrighton for example. I prefer Berba than Anelka.

Ade said...

Posisiku lumayan pekan ini, 20 besar Ligafantasi. Jika Kolarov cedera, mungkin Boateng bisa turun karena aku pasang dia. Tapi kok Boateng statusnya cidera juga ya?

Susunan sy gak gitu berubah kyknya:

Terry, -- dirubah : Basong, Boateng
Malouda, Bowyer, Nani, Mark Davies
Rooney, Chamakh, Boselli



Selamat ya, big 20 ehehee
Kalo mo bedah belakang, coba revolusi ini:

Bale + Ivanovic + Elokobi.
Rooney dan Boselli bisa dituker dgn pemain Arsenal, buat maksa nalangin Bale.

Gimana? G'luck

Anonymous said...

Great team, we have the same view. So I feel pretty good about next week.

Bale, Faubert, Carr
Malouda, Fabregas, Nolan, Henderson, bad Barton
Drogba, Kalinic


I'm not really sure about Carew, so I'll go to 3 - 5 - 2 formation with one YoungGun in there.

Anonymous said...

Bale, Faubert, Elokobi
Malouda, Fabregas, ReoCoker, Yaya
Drogba Chamakh, Balotelli

Comment plz.....


I doubt for Balotelli and Yaya, but good pick in overall. G'luck then

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