Monday, May 17, 2010

10 + 01 To El Braugana

1. El Pichichi's Record. Messi leads the goal scorers list with 47 goals in 52 matches for Blaugrana in all competitions this season. He has scored a quat-trick and four hat-tricks this year, defeated Cristiano Ronaldo's personal record set during his days at Manchester United with 42 goals in 48 matches a year. The "Messiah" has also set himself to the post of another record, Luis Ronaldo Nazario who appeared for Barca in the 1996-97 season with 34 goals in 37 matches at La Liga.

2. El Zamoras, the best goalkeepers in league matches.

(2009-10): Víctor Valdes - Barca (goal conceded: 24 / 38 games)
(2008-09): Víctor Valdes - Barca (goal conceded: 31 / 35 games)

(2007-08): Casillas - Real Madrid (goal conceded: 32 / 36 games)
(2006-07): Abbondanzieri - Getafe (goal conceded: 30 / 37 games)
(2005-06): Manuel Pinto - Celta Vigo (goal conceded: 28 / 36 games)
(2004-05): Victor Valdes - Barca (goal conceded: 25 / 35 games)

3. Mr. Consistency with the assists. Some say Messi is nothing without Barcelona. It is arguably means he needs the midfielders such as Xavi Hernandez with 14 goal-assists and 10 accuracy-passes from Dani Alves.

4. Three hobbits with a giant.

5. Never forget a lion's heart of Catalans. With 488 caps, he serves as a longtime team captain after taking over from Luis Enrique in 2004.

6. El Entrenador. The rookie who becomes the forth coach to get two titles in a row or the seventh Barca's coach at first debut, but the first as Catalan's. He gives 7 trophies just in two years.

7. El President. Joan Laporta has successfully achieved twelve title cups in seven years, included the best world title's club 2008-2009 (and without debt, one of the most profitable club in the world).

8. El Clasico. Barcelona is Catalan, Madrid is Castilian. The greatest rivalry, the greatest thrill game, and the world's greatest passion players. They've been always said, rather choose to beat Madridista home and away over winning the league, never mind if it doesn't make sense.

9. La Masia, el Barca Youth Academy. They make stars, not buying. Some homegrowns with talent to boast, such as Carles Puyol, Xavi, Victor Valdes, Iniesta, Pique and Bojan Krkic as youth system products, also Leo Messi spent his formative years as teenager.

10. Los Culos. Having their 12th man with crowd of almost 100,000 people at home, Camp Nou as the biggest stadium today in Europe.

11. El Mejor Campeon de la Historia. Despite being eliminated from the Copa del Rey and losing the Champions League semi-final to Inter, the Catalans managed to win 31 out of 38 league games without any lost at home. They have successfully defended the 20th Primavera Division crown after a comprehensive 4-0 win over Valladolid on the final party to reach 99 points as the highest ever. (hNa)


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suwendra said...

I just cant wait for World Cup now, watching Messi playing and dribbling with the Tango's.
Hope he could do it well as usual with Barsa ...

koes said...

I like point 4, "Three hobbits and a giant".
Messi + Pedro + Bojan, and Ibrahimovic.

bomer said...

With Villa & Cesc (maybe Vidic next?), nothing can stop them ...

Mohamad said...

Nice info.... Go Barcelona!!

Anonymous said...

Will Valdez go to South Africa then??

Daniel said...

Valdez deserves go to South Africa 2010 and I we hope enjoy Messi's play in Argentine

dragon said...

Yes, Valdez a head to SA.
It's about a time.

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El equipo de ensueño!!

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