Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Why To Be Blues

1. Yes, they have the Golden Boot.


2. Also the Golden Glove (ok, together with Liverpool).

*Barclays Golden Glove 2009/2010:
1. Petr Cech = 17 Clean Sheets (34 games)
1. Jose Reina = 17 Clean Sheets (38 games)
3. Brad Friedel = 15 clean sheets (38 games)

*Previous Winners:
2004/2005 - Petr Cech = 21 Clean Sheets
2005/2006 - Jose Reina = 20 Clean Sheets
2006/2007 - Jose Reina = 19 Clean Sheets
2007/2008 - Jose Reina = 18 Clean Sheets
2008/2009 - Edwin van der Sar = 21 Clean Sheets

3. The French Connection.

4. The Italian Job.

5. Forget the Europe, focus to Barclay.

6. Offensive than pragmatism, first team to score
100+ goals in a year since the EPL was formed.

7. The supporting cast, even long without Essien.

8. Mr. Consistency who leads all midfielders in goals as well.

9. With a little help from 'a friend'.

10. Over the three of the traditional 'Big Four' in
all games ever since it was formed.


Anonymous said...

Reds in the 60-80's,
Devils in the 90 - 2010's,
Now for the Blues...

Anonymous said...

chelsq for kids

buat abg doang


enjoy the soccer guys ;o)

Anonymous said...

Pointed (4) also first Italian coach to win Premier League.

Anonymous said...

Tetep ajah gk sanggup nanjak ke eropah..., money cant buy histori

Anonymous said...

I'm Reds congrats to Blues; fcuk to devils!!

red said...

Eat shit!!!

terry said...


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