Friday, July 30, 2010

ligafantasi # 932 - pass : 1234

Yep, Yahoo Fantasy Football has finally returned for the new season. This game allows you to draft a team and compete against fantasy managers from all over the world. It'll start as the first week due kick off on Sat, 14 Aug (also the deadline of registration). Once you've decided to participate in the fantasy league, you need to decide which group you're going to compete in. You can choose from the Public Group or the Private ones, both groups use the same scoring system and free. It requires an invitation from a group or Group-ID by number (not group name) and its password in order to join in a Private League.

Some people say about they don't have time to play it even they want to. Just make it easy for about 15 minutes in a week to participate. After the draft which can take anywhere from 10 minutes (well, it's really depend on you then), you arrange your team then finished it in last five minutes. This is very little you need to do in every week and check to make sure your best players are in the lineup for that week, you are done. Sure, there is a lot of guys who spends way too much time checking out players but it is really not necessary. So you may start to log in on Saturday, for example, to arrange your line-up is the way you want it for 15 minutes, then come back for curiosity on Tuesday to see who has won and how your players did.
Fantasy League is fun, no need to be scared of it. When "you think" you love soccer and need to get more involve into this competitive game, it can start by several minutes of research. You can go to any of the soccer sites and find the analysts suggestions for picks and news to assist. But again, it is not necessary to be when you feel convenience enough with all that you've got, simple as that. Until at the end of this season, you'll be surprise for your comprehension of favorite teams and players. So keep it that way, I'll attempt to cheer up many as it can be.(*)


Anonymous said...

Sy tertarik n pingin ikut tapi blum pernah main., Mohon pencerahan ...thx

Ade said...

password : 1234


Semoga tulisan ini dan berikutnya dapat membantu, also thanks for Ade.

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