Friday, July 30, 2010

"ligafantasi" Group

Yahoo Fantasy Football is a fantasy game for soccer enthusiasts based on statistical results generated by Yahoo. All participants draft players and build a team as in real-life soccer-pro, then compete against each other and typically meet in a playoff at the end of season. One team can join to a Private League was organized with a set group of "owners" that compete in weekly head-to-head or cumulative points systems. Ligafantasi is a private group for free which can be played for fun but efficiently required. You just need to research player statistics, draft the best team available and continue to stay informed of developments during the season. Of course you need to register first, so this page is a guide on how to start, run, and play in "ligafantasi" group.

To Sign In :

Build The Team :
Before this, make sure to know about players that you want or do research first. The draft, where you select players is considered the most important decision to begin your first team. To draft the right players, you will need to do research on player statistics.

You can see the detail player statistics and value in comparison to other players in the same position, based on last season. Make sure they are up to date to reflect recent transfers, injuries and other developments. Check the weekly fixtures of their matches. You can find opportunities to trade players for the next week.

Join "ligafantasi" :
Don't forget about the deadline for lineup changes until Sat 14 Aug, jam 6 sore waktu Jakarta for Week 1 (for games Aug 14 to Aug 20).

Hope to see you join in with those teams so far, good luck and have fun ;o)


Ade said...

Perkenalkan Vivavillains from Balikpapan sudah gabung @ liga fantasi.


Thanks sudah bergabung, AdeVilla. Boleh ajak temen lainnya juga ;o)

Ade said...

Sama2 mas.

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